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Why Jews don’t believe in Jesus - Dr Michael Barrett

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Book Review and Rebuttal Introduction

2010.05.15.X 26 Reasons Why Jews Don't Believe In Jesus.. Book Review and Rebuttal Introduction - Dr. Michael Barrett - 51510190170.mp3

Judaism v Christianity - 1

2010.05.21.X Judaism vs. Christianity Part 1 - Dr. Michael Barrett - 521102215361.mp3

Judaism v Christianity - 2

2010.05.28.X Judaism vs. Christianity Part 2 - Dr. Michael Barrett - 52710232140.mp3

Faith is Not required

2010.06.04.X Faith Is Not Required In The Old Testament - Dr. Michael Barrett - 641010430.mp3

The Law of God is Eternal

2010.06.11.X The Law of God Is Eternal - Dr. Michael Barrett - 61110311502.mp3

Jesus Didn't Keep the Law

2010.06.18.X Jesus Didn't Keep The Law - Dr. Michael Barrett - 61810049470.mp3

Jesus Was A False Prophet

2010.06.25.X Jesus Was A False Prophet - Dr. Michael Barrett - 626101015410.mp3

Jesus Made Mistakes

2010.07.02.X Jesus Made Mistakes, Was Not Sinless - Dr. Michael Barrett - 7310134470.mp3

Jesus Did Not Fulfil Criteria

2010.07.09.X Jesus Did Not Fulfill Messianic Criteria - Dr. Michael Barrett - 791042940.mp3

God Is Not A Man

Matthew 27.46 Phil Griffiths.mp3

Jesus Was 'Elected' God in 325

2010.07.23.X Jesus Was 'Elected God' in 325 AD - Dr. Michael Barrett - 722102344250.mp3

NT Writers Were Deceptive

2010.07.30.X NT Writers Were Deceptive With OT - Dr. Michael Barrett - 730101625126.mp3

Messiah Not Supposed To Die

2010.08.06.X Messiah Was Not Supposed To Die - Dr. Michael Barrett - 87102114314.mp3

Paul Invented Christianity

2010.08.13.X Apostle Paul Invented Christianity - Dr. Michael Barrett - 81410162519.mp3

Christian Bible Not Credible

2010.08.20.X The Christian Bible Is Not Credible - Dr. Michael Barrett - 821102234402.mp3

Final - Who Was Jesus?

2010.08.27.X Final - Who Was Jesus - Dr. Michael Barrett - 82710223340.mp3

Dr. Michael Barrett has been a professor of Old Testament and Ancient Languages at Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina, for more than 25 years. For 12 years he served as President of Geneva Reformed Seminary in Greenville SC. Currently, he is the Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI.