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Philippians 2:1-11 The Self-humbling and exalting of Christ Jesus
Speaker: David Chapman

Philippians 2.1-11 David Chapman 18.05.20.mp3

Genesis 50:22-26 Joseph's bones and ours!
Speaker: John Billett

Genesis 50.22-26 John Billett 18.05.20.mp3

Ephesians 1:4-5 Adopted by God's choice
Speaker: Paul Messenger

Ephesians 1.4-5 Paul Messenger 18.05.13.mp3

Genesis 49:29 - 50:21 Ever faithful God
Speaker: David Bond

Genesis 49.29-50.21 David Bond 18.05.13.mp3

Jonah 1 for those in peril on the sea
Speaker: John Chipperfield

Jonah 1 John Chipperfield 18.05.06.mp3

Genesis 46 What's your name? What's your identity?
Speaker: Chris Hitchcock

Genesis 46 Chris Hitchcock 18.05.06.mp3

Psalm 90 From everlasting to everlasting you are God
Speaker: David Bond

Psalm 90 David Bond 18.04.29.mp3

Genesis 45 The Bigger Picture
Speaker: Paul Messenger

Genesis 45 Paul Messenger18.04.29.mp3

Romans 12:2 Spiritual hygienist
Speaker: John Chipperfield

Romans 12.2 John Chipperfield 18.04.22.mp3

Genesis 44 Joseph's master plan
Speaker: David Chapman

Genesis 44 David Chapman 18.04.22.mp3

Psalm 103 Be thankful O my soul
Speaker: Paul Messenger

Psalm 103 Paul Messenger 18.04.15.mp3

Genesis 43 God moves in a mysterious way
Speaker: David Bond

Genesis 43 David Bond 18.04.15a.mp3

John 20:11-18 Mary Magdalene
Speaker: John Chipperfield

John 20.11-18 John Chipperfield 18.04.08.mp3

Genesis 42 God's provision in difficult times
Speaker: Glynne Hampson

Genesis 42 Glynne Hampson 18.04.08.mp3

John 20:19-29 Doubting? no, Believing Thomas!
Speaker: Paul Messenger

John 20.19-29 Paul Messenger 18.04.01.mp3

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