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2 Corinthians  1:1-11 The God of all comfort  Speaker: David Chapman

2 Corinthians  1:15 – 2:4  The sealing of the Spirit  Speaker: Paul Messenger

Genesis 17  The Ever Faithful God  Speaker: David Bond

Genesis 16  Abram, Sarai and Hagar  Speaker: David Chapman

Genesis 15  God’s Covenant with Abram  Speaker: Philip Deacon

Genesis 14:18-24 & Hebrews 7:1-10 Abram and Melchizedek  Speaker: David Chapman

Genesis 14:1-17 Abram rescues Lot  Speaker: John Chipperfield

Genesis 13:1-18 Abram and Lot go their separate ways Speaker: David Chapman

Genesis 12:10-20 The Steadfast Love of God  Speaker: Paul Messenger

Matthew 9:35-38, ch 13:1-9 & ch 13:18-23 The Lord of the Harvest Speaker: David Chapman

Genesis 12:1-9 The Call of Abraham Speaker: John Chipperfield

Matthew 24:1-14 & 36-44 Jesus is coming again! Speaker: David Chapman

Acts 17:1-15 The Gospel reaches Europe Speaker: Phil Griffiths

Exodus 3:7 -4:14 Responding to God’s Call Speaker: David Chapman

Acts 16.16-40 What must I do to be saved? Speaker: John Billett

Lamentations 3:1-3 & 17-27 A beam of light in the darkness Speaker: David Chapman

James 5:12-20 True Christian Living Speaker: David Bond

Matthew 5:3 The Poor in Spirit Speaker: Trevor Rimes

James 5:1-11 Living for Riches – Living for God Speaker: David Bond

Matthew 12:38-42 A Greater than Jonah is here Speaker: Paul Messenger

Matthew 16:13-19 I will build My church Speaker: David Chapman

James 4:1-10 Drawing near to God Speaker: David Bond

Psalms 122 Let us go into the house of the Lord Speaker: David Chapman

James 3:1-18 Controlling the Tongue Speaker: David Bond

Psalms 42 and 43 A Levite in Lockdown Speaker: David Chapman

Matthew 12:15-21 Humble Servant King and Weak Saints Speaker: Paul Messenger