Life and Death

by Dr Peter Masters, Minister of the Metropolitan Tabernacle London since 1970.

1. Are you Spiritually Unaware?
There is a vagueness that leads to disaster. With stirring images, here are four minutes of facts about our war with God, and how it may be ended.

2. Conformity or Liberty?

Are our opinions really ours? How programmed are we? Five minutes of facts with stunning images – vital information for life.

3. The House of the Soul

Who am I? Is my life greater than the body? The body has been called the house of the soul. In five minutes, here are compelling observations with images.

4. The Mystery of Death

Is life a losing battle with death? Accompanied by powerful images, here are five minutes of facts about the purpose of life and the defeat of death.


Here is a Sermon you might like to hear: “Liberation from Sin and Death” by Trevor Rimes, based on Hebrews 2:14-15
(Waterside Baptist Church, Kings Langley, Herts)